Welcome to the Olsen-Family web-site!

In our family we collect various stuff for the fun of it.

The idea of this web-site is to show parts of the collections, which we think may be of some interest to others than ourselves.

The starter will be early Danish paperbacks, with emphasis on those books, which were mainly sold at newsstands and not so much at regular bookshops. It will not be about the contents, but about the covers.

As originally planned only examples of covers of titles published before 1970 (even if the series was still in print after that year) were to be shown. But the original plan has been modified to include all imprints, known to us. Many of the newer imprints will, however, be represented by a few examples only.

Recently two pages on Danish digests have been added. One covering "action" (Spænding), the other "Romance" (Romantik). These two pages are, however, a very, very long way from covering the subject. But when time (and material) permits more work will be done.

Many of the covers shown ought to have some interest outside Denmark, as very many of the books received covers, which were originally used elsewhere.

The "main"-page of each imprint shows thumbnails of the scans with info on: Number in series, author, title, and if known: original title, year of publishing/printing and cover-artist.
Each thumbnail links to a larger image, where further info - if any - is also given. Here will also in a few cases be info (and perhaps a scan) on where the cover was originally used, if that has been found out.
In the box on top of most thumbnail-pages it is possible to link (by clicking the word DIREKTE) to a page where all images of the page are shown together in the larger size (but with no text).

All text on the web-site is in danish. In due course we hope to be able to make translations of parts of the text into english.
The mini-dictionary below may be of some small help in navigating the site:
Forlagsliste = List of publishers. Forside = Front page. Omslag = cover. Serieliste = List of imprints. Trykt = Printed. Udgivet = Published. Romantikhæfter = Romance digests. Spændingshæfter = Action digests.

The lay-out of the book-part of the site is rather simple really, and we feel confident, that you will soon get the grip of it.

We are very interested in the names of any of the cover-artists, which we have not succeeded in identifying.

For any comments, questions or further information please use e-mail: kio1 @ logolsen.dk.

All covers shown are (or have been) in our own collection, unless otherwise stated.

Thank You for visiting. Further scans will be added as time and material allows, so please look in again!
Info on additions and developments wil be put on the nyt (news) page.

Kind regards

Lillian & Gunnar Olsen

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